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Sending your hard drive to Ondata
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Step 3: How to make arrive your hard disk at Ondata International?

In order that Ondata International may have the best chance of recovering your data it is important that the hard drive suffers the least possible movement during its journey to Ondata International.

For this reason it is necessary to protect the hard drive against knocks by wrapping it in any material that absorbs the impact such as newspaper, bubble-wrap or polystyrene foam, before putting it into a box, avoiding, as explained in the previous steps, electromagnetic fields eg mobile phones, loudspeakers, etc..

Also it is important that you clearly enclose the following details with your drive:

• Company
• Address, Postal Code, Town and County
• Phone number
• Fax
• Person to Contact
• E-Mail

When you first request a job number from Ondata International, you will be sent an email with an attachment which is your contract. You fill in all requested details, sign it and send it back via fax. It is advisable to send a copy of this fax included in the parcel containing your hard drive for identification.

To send the hard drive to Ondata International:
1. We recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery next day service OR
2. You can send it using a messenger service.

This information is provided as a reference only. In order to detach a hard disk from a computer you must follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. We recommend having the hard disk detached by a professional technician.
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