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Ondata Disk Eraser Pro

General description

Ondata Disk Eraser is a software tool which makes it possible to safely erase data from hard drives. the software employed in this version comprises user selectable options for 4 different levels of eraser sophistication.

The software will be able to erase data/files from external and internal hard drives. The software is very simple to operate but extremely powerful in its operation. To start the process just select the drives and files/data that needs to finally deleted, then choose which of the Worlds leading eraser programmes to run .

After confirmation that the required data has been erased, it will be impossible for anybody to access the original data, technology does not exist today to recover the historical data which has been erased.

With the PRO version of this software, the user can select varying degrees of eraser sophistication. These selectable levels adhere to the most stringent international military and commercial standards available in the world today.

The first method is our own internal Ondata Laboratory designed sophisticated algorithm. This method consists of writing a varied pattern of random binary numbers to a specific data file you have nominated, and by selecting the number of overwrites to be undertaken. The eraser is completed by the software writing a series of binary zero's to the data file selected, so ensuring a final and complete data file erasure.

The second method of selectable eraser is using the Department of Defence 5220.22M standard.
This powerful eraser algorithm, cost millions of dollars to produce and is used as a gold standard within most military I.T. establishments.It is now available to you.

This program will overwrite the selected data files 3 times writing 00110101 then 11001010 and finally 10010111, this ensures a "Delete and Forget" process which is second to none.

The third selectable method of eraser is the German BSI VSITR standard. This clever program in essence writes to the designated data file 7 times, with the first 6 writes the bit is reverts to 0x00 and 0xFF, on the seventh pass it writes 0xAA.

The forth selectable process is the Gutmann standard. This method consists of generating a series of predefined patterns. It alternates between frequencies and phases for a maximum run of 35 times.

Typical eraser times for each selectable programme:
Ondata Laboratory:         -120Gb hard drive (complete) takes around 1 hour 27mins
Department of Defence:  -120Gb hard drive (complete), takes around 4 hours 25 mins
German BSI VSITR :           -120Gb hard drive (complete), takes around 10 hours 25 min.
Gutmann :                         -120 Gb hard drive, 49 hours 50 mins.

Once you are advised that the final erasure and deletion of your data is complete, you can then generate a Certificate of eraser compliance from the PRO software. This certificate can be used as evidence that specific data has been erased from your hard drive. This includes dates, times and specific data of what was finally erased.

Engineering specifications Disk Eraser BASIC version. 1.0
Developed employing a high level programming language
Erasure Algorithm which is exclusive to Ondata International
Reading of BIOS at low level
Reading of real parameters of the device
Can erase data from all USB external hard drives
Ease of use, user friendly identification of data to be erased
Identification of data volumes within hard drives
Random process of pattern writing to the designated data files to be erased

Minimum computer system requirements:
Pentium IV 800 MHz
256 Mb RAM
2 channel IDE
VGA 800 x 600

Estimated erasure time
120 Gb disk, 1 cycle of writing: 1 h 27 min

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