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Caja PcWatsonThis software allows you to locate your laptop in case of theft or it being left in a taxi, plane, hotel etc, and, depending on which PC Watson version you have chosen, it will also be able to erase the confidential information you have on your computer, alert you as to who has your laptop, and later allow you to recover those critical files.

The entry level product “PcWatson Lite” allows you to choose the folders or directories that contain the critical and confidential  information that should be protected in case of theft or unauthorised access. These folders would be deleted from your computer the moment that an unauthorised person tries to connect your computer to the Internet. By attempting to access your data and connect to the Internet, it will automatically trigger an I.P. trace which will identify the user, place, country etc. You can  then take the appropriate steps with your Internet service provider and the authorities in question to recover your computer.

The PCWatson Pro version is the most comprehensive, since apart from locating your laptop, you can recover your confidential files via our secure server (this requires you to maintain your entry code and password in a separate place e.g. mobile phone). At the point of unauthorised access those critical folders/files pre-defined by you are automatically erased after they have been backed up onto our server. You will have the facility to set the folder/file protection and recovery mode to backup onto our secure server at predetermined intervals. Without PC Watson Pro installed on your laptop recovery of your critical and confidential data would otherwise be lost.

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Our engineers are highly qualified in computer forensics.
Entrust your data to us: nobody will try harder to recover your damaged files or disks.

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Our engineers are specialized in data recovery after years of experience in the field of file recovery.
Trust us your data: nobody will do more to recover your lost files or damaged hard drive.