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Data Recovery - Recovering pictures

The equitable cost and sophistication of digital technology have gained the attention of more users every day. As this advanced method of taking pictures becomes an advantage and a common practice, mistakenly erased photographs can present a problem to the user. Ondata International can recover data from digital cameras for they store the information in devices that can be easily removed such as: 

  • • Compact Flash 
  • • Flash Memory 
  • • Micro Drive 
  • • Secure Digital 
  • • Memory Stick
  • • Smart Media 

Although pictures can be erroneously erased, this does not mean complete loss of data. Ondata can still retrieve your pictures with the original quality as long as you did not save other pictures on top of the prior ones, or tried to recuperate them by using other methods that could cause permanent loss.   

Remember our technicians are highly qualified in data recovery. 

Entrust us with your valuable data: we will go above and beyond the call of duty to recover your files.

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